To Kill A King - 2015 - Photo by Wolf James Photography

Photo by Wolf James Photography

It’s been a while since we heard anything new from British indie-folk band TO KILL A KING. The last thing we got from the group around songwriter Ralph Pelleymounter was their self-titled second album back in 2015 which somehow turned out to be less good than we thought it would be. But now they return with a stunning new song called The Problem Of Evil which might also mark a first teaser from their third album.

TO KILL A KING forced themselves to take some time of before recording new material and here’s what Mr. Pelleymounter got to say about it:

‘It’s a song about grief, anger, and the loss of faith. It’s about prayers going unanswered. It’s about a person trying to reconcile an all-powerful God with the evil in this world, and now more than ever it seems an appropriate time to share it with people.’

Right after enjoying the new song you can still check the Valentine’s Day selection by the group compiled for us back in early 2015 right here. The music video for the track features actress Ruby Bentall (of Poldark) who explains here participation in the clip with the following words: I have never done a music video before and when Ralph sent me the song, I thought it was so brilliant, and was really happy to get involved.  He’s a family friend and I love the way he is so supportive of my sister who is a singer [Edith from FOURS].  Filming was great, a lot of me wandering around attempting to look moody and soulful!’