Toy + Bat For LashesTonight’s Sound of the Night is a quite unique collaboration that comes with an interesting back story. British psychedelic rockers TOY teamed up with tender songwriter Natasha Khan aka BAT FOR LASHES to create the song The Bride. The track originally comes from Iranian artist AMIR RASSAEI and goes by the name Aroos Khanom. The artists reworked and re-wrote the track together with producer Dan Carey who’s owner of the label/recording studio “Speedy Wunderground” where he previously already worked with the artists.

The interesting Iranian song was taken from a compilation called Zendooni: Funk, Psychedelia and Pop from the Iranian Pre-Revolution Generation. And it was played a lot when Carey recorded with TOY which might explain the fascination for that specific sound. Recorded in only five hours, this really is a spontaneous song that captures a certain moment. Psychedelic rock guitars team up with BAT FOR LASHES’ unique voice and create something that combines different cultures and ideas to a haunting project – experience it right here.