Xul Zolar - 2013

Photo by Miriam Gossing

One of the best things festivals can do to you is: introduce you to new, exciting bands. At this year’s IMMERGUT FESTIVAL-festival, XUL ZOLAR from Cologne definitely were one of these bands. A circumstance that just brought them onto the line-up for this year’s DOCKVILLE FESTIVAL in Hamburg as well. These young guys deliver some really nice, dreamy, intelligent pop music, right from the practicing neighboorhood of the nothing less adorable PTTRNS by the way. For us, they stripped down their approach a little and played an exclusive acoustic session in front of some old motocross-course. Not that that had anything to do with their music, really, but it looks nice, doesn’t it? Enjoy the little take right here and keep your ears open for XUL ZOLAR.