As you hopefully should know by now NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is always rooting for exciting new artists to get their well-deserved spot in the limelight of popular culture. But with an ongoing democratization of the recording and publishing possibilities it feels as if there’s now more fresh and exciting newcomers around than ever before, at least when we judge from our e-mail inboxes. So, we’re constantly trying to find ways to bring these new artists from our side of the internet to yours as we can hopefully generate a deep emotional connection between you and the songs. And today we’re happy to launch a lovely little thing that might help us and you to achive this ambitious little goal – our very own Listen AHEAD Playlist, a musical stream for those of you who’d like to discover new songs by still relatively unknown artists.

You might know our Daily Tune section by now where we pick a new tune every weekday and highlight it on our page. The Listen AHEAD Playlist on Spotify works a bit different as it allows us to get even more great new songs to you. The playlist will be 50 tracks strong and every Monday we’re planning to add ten new songs to to keep it updated. It’s like the tiny, way cooler sister of our beloved Nothing But New Playlist as it features fifty hidden musical treasures that also deserve your attention. And as always, they get handpicked by us folks here at NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION and receive our ‘sign of approval’ in terms of quality and musical depth. You can count on us.

This first bunch of songs we’re launching features some of our most loved recent discoveries from the ‘flying under your radar’ field. Led by Lauran Hibberd‘s new single Hoochie you’ll also find furious indie-rock by Mannequin Pussy, dreamy indie vibes by Slow Pulp, Pinky Pinky and MAYLA, tropical pop from Xul Zolar, IDER and Selma Judith. The Listen AHEAD Playlist is also one for our exclusive premieres here in the AHEAD section, so you might remember these songs from Kluster, FRUM and Ponette as well. If you stumble upon a song you really like, please don’t hesitate to add it your collection and let the artists know how much you enjoy it. We’re trying to do the same and keep you updated as best as possible about the additions and you are also invited to suggest your own music via our social media channels as well. Have fun with this one and let us know what you think.