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Daily Tune

[get link] — 16/09/2019

We featured these GENTS before and thus have reason enough to do so again: In August the Danish two-piece reported back with a blistering tune called Right On Time. It was foreshadowing the Copenhagen based synth pop outfit’s new album Human Connection, out October 11th on The Big Oil Recording. Now, the lead single of that record, Right On Time, is also available for our listening pleasure. As we are used from GENTS, they bring their so-called Spa Pop back to form: A chill synth pop vibe, paired with a baritone voice and unobtrusive indie elements glitching here or there. Lyrically, it deals with finding the right pace for yourself. Something that a lot of us actually struggle with on a daily basis. So don’t mistake Niels Fejrskov Juhl and Theis Vesterløkke as shallow. Our wait for new GENTS tunes was definitely worth it and we’re ready to catch up with these guys at the upcoming Reeperbahn Festival.

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