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Daily Tune

[get link] — 22/04/2021

Norwegian artist Vaarin has been one of our favourite musical discoveries of the past year and it’s a shame that her tremendous EP Bitter Taste Of Goodbye didn’t get the amount of attention that it deserves. But beeing the true and dedicated artist she is, Vaarin – who once described herself as an old soul in a modern world – now returns with quite epic new material. Lighthouse is the first teaser from her follow-up EP Imaginary Movies which arrives in May and it really feels like the soundtrack to a film. You can imagine the protagonist heading towards the rescuing lighthouse in the middle of a nocturnal storm, waves are crushing, nature showcases its strength and a happy end remains yet uncertain. The song works as a metaphor for human relationships: one is safe on land, the other one afloat in the open sea, struggling, longing for the rescuing coast. Vaarin finds the right words and right sound and I think we can all relate to this little yet very big cinematic pop gem, right?

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