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[get link] — 20/04/2018

Okay, that might sound like one of those Buzzfeed quiz articles but who’s your most loved Stranger Things kid? Mine is definitely Dustin because I like his caps and he shares a certain resemblance to myself during that age period. Why do I bring this one up? Well, maybe because another one of the gang – Mike Wheeler – is lead singer of the band we’re introducing right here. In real life the actor/ musician goes by the name Finn Wolfhard and his band is named Calpurnia. Having a famous band member isn’t the worst thing that can happen to you and it surely helped the teenage gang to get a record deal and way more attention than other groups in a similar situation. Leaving that aside, their charming lo-fi indie rock is indeed quite sweet and deserves your attention. Calpurnia‘s latest track Louie is gentle piece of grungy weirdo folk that perfectly shows how this band isn’t going for the direct and slick Hollywood path. Seeing these guys grow into a really professional group is going to be a really joyful experience. Let’s do this!

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