This one means a little more to NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION, I guess, because I think I was there on the ground floor for this one. Last summer, I was in the Faroe Islands for G! Festival. Also at that festival was a representative for Hamburg label HFN Music. One of the standout acts I remember from the festival was Frum, who played on a re-purposed astroturf football pitch, with a couple of billowing sheets covering the stage (I was never able to determine if they were part of the stage design or just to keep the constant rain from hitting the equipment and electrocuting everyone). And then a couple of days ago, an E-mail from HFN lands in my inbox, announcing their new signing: Frum. And now today we’re premiering the video for their new single, Ocean. It all comes together.

There is more than meets the eye in Jenný Augustudóttir’s latest single under her Frum moniker. On the first glimpse Ocean might sound like a easy-going summerly pop tune but it also comes with a personal story as the songwriter explains:

‘When I wrote the lyrics for this song I had been all alone on an small Island for seven days. I had written a lot of lyrics but this one really stuck in my head. Even though the sentences are really simple and straight forward they mean a lot to me. They are about dealing with the loss of an influential person in your life. My grandmother always had time for a cup of tea, she was always keen to explore the Faroese nature with me or comfort me when I was hurt. I am forever grateful to her.’

That nostalgic notion however doesn’t stop the track from being a really sweet and catchy piece of pop music. It’s powered by a springy beat, curveball vocal melodies and a zippy, giddy infectiousness, a touching song that’s also full of snap and life. It also comes with an equally exuberant video, which you can check out below. It’s perfectly fitting into the just started spring season. Needless to say, we’ll probably hear a lot more from the young lady over the next months and until then we’re pretty sure the catchy hook of Ocean will definitely carry us through the next weeks.