Yip Deceiver - Get StrictOn a Friday we have many reasons to celebrate – mainly because the week is over and weekend is in sight. And if you believe it or not – we’re quite hard working folks at NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION. So on such a sunny Friday there is an unexplainable urge within us to go completely nuts, wear silly costumes and act a bit in a way we wouldn’t normally do. And the best music to celebrate it is today’s Sound of The Day by YIP DECEIVER.

The American pop duo from Athens, Georgia presents a really catche piece of pop with Get Strict. The track comes from the group’s debut album Medallius which will be released on September 17. And we can only assume that Davey Pierce and Nicolas Dobbratz (who are also both part of OF MONTREAL) continue mixing all kinds of different musical elements within this weird mixture – everything from pop, to soul and r&b. This is neither 80s nor is it contemporary – or maybe it is? But who cares about definitions on such a day. Not us, not YIP DECEIVER– the clourful video for Get Strict is full of bizarre costumes and situations but definitely one you should not miss.