Swedish duo Dream Lake (vocalist Isabella Svärdstam and multi-instrumentalist Niklas Willar Lidholm) have a talent for atmosphere. They specialise in a brand of dreamy (well, obviously), sungazing synth-pop that lives in its own hazy, immersive world. Now we’re approaching the release of their new album Lux, and ahead of that they’ve got a new single, Runaway. Runaway has maybe the sharpest pop rush of anything they’ve released to date, a song that’s powerful and propulsive while retaining their floating atmospherics,  and one that comes with a soaring chorus.

NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is delighted to bring you the exclusive premiere of that song, and its video, made by Emma Sundin from Kodama. Svärdstam about the band’s new single:

Runaway is about having fears, and that you sometimes must dare to let go of in order to embrace something new into your life […] While love can feel like an unstoppable force, the lyrics remind us that relationships may fade with changing seasons. New opportunities with new people inspire us to be optimistic about the road ahead.’

Check the video out below. Lux is out on November 24 on NIWI Records.