After almost four years of waiting beloved Finnish dream pop three-piece NEØV is about to return with its third studio album two weeks from now and since we’ve been big fans of its predecessors Orange Morning (2013) and Dominique (2015) we’re looking very much forward to Volant. Lost In Time is the record’s opening track and the band couldn’t have picked a more fitting song for it. The track feels as if it’s the starting point to a whole new world for mastermind Anssi Neuvonen and his group. Bigger, brighter and more focussed than before the band is heading for a more cinematic direction than before and the accompanying music video only underlines it.

It sees the band walking around in a beautiful landscape with big shots underlining the track’s epic character that just wants you to spread your wings and fly… well, or to actually get lost in time. Neuvonen about the new track:

‘Time has a lot of power. We can’t touch or see it, but we can feel it. It’s too easy to hold on to something that has been gone for a long time. Sometimes it’s beneficial, sometimes it’s the opposite. I regard myself as an expert of being lost in time, and usually in a bad way. Time is one of the key themes of our new album, and the song ‘Lost In Time’ deals with the feelings of being stuck. Writing and performing music has the power to lift me up from there, but only momentarily. Still it’s always worth it.’

And there’s really not much to add here. Witness the world premiere of the new NEØV video right here, make sure you give Volant a spin once it’s out on February 1 and don’t forget to also catch these guys on their upcoming tour.