Last month saw the return of crafted Berlin-based indie-folk three-piece All The Luck In The World via their tender piece Golden October. And it looks like the young gentlemen really like the autumn season since their latest music video is another gentle ode to this special time of the year. Landmarks is the second teaser from the the group’s new studio album A Blind Arcade which has just beeen announced for a release on February 23, 2018.

According to All The Luck In The World the idea for Landmarks came about while they were touring their first record. It started as an alternative version for their song Away but ended up being a sort of sequel to the song’s story. The video for it, which NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is proud to present today, comes with quite a symbolic setting as the band also confirms:

‘The video was conceptualised and created by ourselves along with Roughcast. The concept grew from the lyrics and story of Landmarks. The video follows a young woman through the process of meticulously rebuilding a tree from dead branches and fallen leaves. She takes great care in the process, only to set the tree alight once it is fully built. The tree was built to act as a signal fire, though her reasons for taking such care in the creation and decoration of this tree is unclear.’

All in all it’s quite a gentle affair and we think you should not miss that ne All The Luck In The World clip right here. The freshly announced tour dates for next spring can be found below as well.