Swedish newcomer Ebba Salomonsson and her alter ego Benz made it into NBHAP’s 9 artists to watch in 2019 and as it turns out this hasn’t been the worst decision. Following her dreamy debut single The Smile the artist now returns with a surprising follow-up. Erazor is less introverted and a more uplifting little pop gem that will instantly put you on a good mood. According to the artist the song is ‘about moving to a new city and all the fears and emotion that comes with something that big – both the good and bad’ and that might really explains the adventurous spirit it spreads.

The clip underlines the positive vibe of Erazor as Benz explains:

‘The video reflects the sound more than the story. I wanted to capture the playfulness of the song. That’s why Ebba (Gustafsson Ågren, director) captured me having fun and playing around on the Swedish countryside’

So, what you’re waiting for? Put on your finest cowboy hat and join Benz for this ride as we bring you the exclusive premiere of the music video here on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION.