Beverly Kills got their NBHAP debut just over a month ago, when we made their single Revellers our Daily Tune and introduced you to the latest band to follow in Makthaverskan and Westkust‘s Gothenburg post-punk footsteps. We also spoke about the little differences however, that made the band something more than a mere descendent of those illustrious influences, and their new single In This Dim Light makes it even clearer than Beverly Kills are no GBG xerox. And happily, we’ve got the premiere of that new single today.

In This Dim Light is a song where the band develop their creative identity and sound and move it into a whole new space. They take a little bit of classic loud-quiet-loud songwriting, clean up the sound a little from the scrappiness of their earlier releases and channel all that into a lean, tough alt-rock song that guns forward with real speed and force. In the main, the quality of their songwriting has taken a huge leap forward – In This Dim Light pairs a little dreaminess, a dreaminess that’s a Trojan Horse for a viciously bitter snarl (‘we played an eye for an eye and you took them both’) with muscle, and brings the whole thing to an end in a crashing storm of violent noise. Keep writing like this, and they won’t have to worry about comparisons for much longer.

The band say:

‘The song used to be drastically different, until we threw away everything but the synth melody and the chords. We felt like its structure didn’t do it justice enough, so we basically cut the entire song in half and replaced it with Alma’s calm-before-the-storm-intro. We spent a lot of time doubting ourselves, redoing everything over and over, but after a few months of hard work we finally had the finished version. It’s been one of our fan favourites since we started playing it live, so the work behind it has been really rewarding. Needless to say, we’re very excited to release the recorded version of it.’

In This Dim Light is out on April 26 on Hell Beach.