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— Daily Tune 27/03/2019

Beverly Kills – ‘Revellers’

Gothenburg sure does have a signature sound. Makthaverskan and Westkust have probably already brought a taste of the city’s knack for lean, sharp post-punk onto your horizon, and now another band are thriving in that territory. Beverly Kills, who have just released new single Revellers, are distinct from their city’s headline names, with a sound that’s more melodic than Makthaverskan’s and cleaner than Westkust’s. Revellers is their strongest single to date, channelling the force of their high-octane indie rock like a rushing river, powering along an a rattle of drums, tightly-wound guitars and the soft void-howl of Alma Westerlund’s vocal. GBG kids deliver again. Keep an eye out for more from the band later this year.

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