It’s been quite a Greek year here on Nothing But Hope And Passion. Back in February Kedr Livanskiy talked to us about the Ariadna myth, from which she took the title of a song and her 2017 album. And now Greek mythology has popped up again on the debut single from producer EuroDYKE. Matthijs Mol’s first outing is will-be-breaking-hearts-iphis, which borrows a part of its title from the Iphis myth, and we’ve got the premiere listen for you here today.

Though, as the artist says herself, you shouldn’t use the myth as the key to understanding the song. will-be-breaking-hearts-iphis is electronic music treated as an art piece, almost more of an soundscape experiment than something we would traditionally think of as a song. It’s sort of like a modern take on classical music, a composition of little sounds and elements interacting in perfect sync, stormy, glitchy audio art. Check it out and read a Q&A with EuroDYKE below.

Hey EuroDYKE! Tell us a little about yourself! How did you get started as a producer and what art inspires you in your work?

I started out when I went to a music production course for trans people and women, when I was 18. It was very important for me, not only because I had been interested in music production for a long time but had not had the courage to get into it, but also because it was one of the first spaces I could be open as a trans person. It’s also there I started learning to produce in Cubase, the DAW I use to this day. If there is one genre of music that has inspired me more than any other, it’s gotta be film music. Scores like How to Train Your Dragon have been very important as inspiration, both sound-design-wise and harmony-wise. I think my love for film music comes from my parents’ love for classical music, especially baroque music. I also love synth-demos on Youtube. I think I spend more time watching those than actually listening to synth-based electronic music.

Tell us about will-be-breaking-hearts-iphis. It’s inspired by the Iphis myth right, the girl raised as a boy who later becomes a man?

The song isn’t actually inspired by the myth, it’s just a title I decided on when I read about the myth, a love story I could connect with in many ways, as a trans and lesbian person. I’ve always loved Greek mythology, ever since I was a kid, and when I read the story, I felt I could relate to Iphis’ story, although I like to think that that last part doesn’t happen: she gets together with her hearts’ desire Ianthe, but as Iphis, and not someone who the world want her to be.

Will-be-breaking-hearts-iphis kind of strikes me as an electronica imagining of a classical music composition. Would you agree with that description?

Yes, definitely! I am very interested in classical harmony, and synthesisers, especially soft synths that are not emulations of analogue subtractive synths. Most of the synths used in the song are synths from Reason, which I use together with Cubase. But as I mentioned before: I am also inspired by film music, and this track really shows that, I think.

This is your debut single, what comes next?

I have honestly no idea! I’m also interested in dance music, so maybe it’ll be a house track? But I’m mostly interested in making music for film, so I’m going to try to contact young film makers who’d like to collaborate. It would be so much fun, and an interesting challenge to start making music for films, and working with a director’s vision.

Will-be-breaking-hearts-iphis is out on May 22 on Cherish Label