Oslo’s Fanny Andersen, who we spoke to back in 2017, made her dramatic re-entry into the pop word after a quiet couple of months with Dollar Signs, a spectacular, theatrical song about the hazards of the cool kid world with a firework of a chorus. We said: ‘Andersen’s survivor’s tale from the influencer party girl lifestyle (“what if told you, I spent all my money last night?”) plays out over the best chorus she’s ever written, that pulls off the tricky task of combining despair, desperation and euphoria all in one package. Andersen takes her natural energy and uses it to fuel a pop song that crashes into your consciousness at full speed and never leaves. She’s been quiet for a while, but Dollar Signs is a spectacular way to come back.’

So a pretty impressive and memorable song, in other words. And now it’s gotten a video. The visual clip for Dollar Signs takes the song’s themes of the perils of the big, shiny, glamorous world that tries to pull you in when you get too many Instagram followers and recasts it as a deal with the devil, as Andersen finds herself caught up in a morbid, demonic ceremony (this represents ‘fame’ and ‘selling out’  – that’s a visual metaphor folks). Check it out below.