Think big, think NU! Portugese post pop collective First Breath After Coma got ambitious plans for their forthcoming album NU (which means ‘naked’ in Portugese). Not only does it mark a reinvention in terms of sound and artistic character, it also comes with an ambitious film that gives each track on the record a visual counterpart. Each on their own they tell a story on their own but if you watch them all together it’s a pretty impressive experience that combines all those single parts into one big tale about birth, life, death and all the things that can happen in-between. They’ve already given us Heavy back in December and today NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is thrilled to premiere the clip for Change, the second single from the new First Breath After Coma record.

The song is a powerful and orchestral song about hopes and dreams and it was ‘written by every little piece of our five hearts’ as the band tells me. Diving deeper into the origins of the song they explain:

‘Before we began to write the album, we moved to an old house door to door to our studio. From that point we lived all together, had every meal together and spent all our time making music. Right now we’re proud to call this house, Home. ‘NU’ is the product of that beautiful period of our lives.’

And as I got the chance to actually visit this place a while back I can only personally confirm this feeling. This place really feels like home, these guys and their artistic collective do indeed feel like a family and I couldn’t think of a better foundation for art. And that’s what this new record, this film and the music are all about. By leaving the outworn post rock setting and opening themselves for more electronic and adventurous experiments this new First Breath After Coma sound got something very unique and surprisingly soulful. NU arrives on March 1 via Radicalis and is followed by a European tour from the band. Find the dates below the new Change music video.