Malmö musician Anna Majken released her debut single as Majken a couple of months back, and we were big fans, describing it as “a soft, acoustic song that flickers like a candle in the breeze. Harp notes dance around the scrappy acoustic guitar in a stripped-back musical soundscape, and Majken’s voice unfolds slowly over the scene. She makes her vocal mark subtly here, matching the music’s mood by keeping her voice reserved and gentle, with a ghostly and gripping refrain”. Fast-forward to now, the track finally has a video, and we’re delighted to bring you the premiere here on NBHAP.

Something of the magic of Lovely Daughter was the way it seemed to half-reveal a secret, opening itself up a little and letting the listener in, but holding back a little mystery for itself. The video shares a little of that quality. Majken stares down the camera, runs though fields and dips things in a bathtub of paint. It feels exposed and open, but the story’s not entirely clear – the message always a little shrouded in mist. It was directed by the video artist Amanda Davies, and Majken says “I love her interpretation of the song. It’s conceptual but still intimate and self-revealing”.

You can check it out below.

Lovely Daughter is out now on Kollektivet, and a debut album from Majken is due later this autumn.