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— Daily Tune 06/07/2018

Majken – ‘Lovely Daughter’

Formerly a harp-slinger who called herself Stella Lugosi (s/o to Bauhaus and old-school horror fans), Malmö songwriter and musician Anna Majken reincarnated herself as just Majken late last year. And now she’s got new music to go with the new name. Lovely Daughter is her debut single as Majken, and it’s a soft, acoustic song that flickers like a candle in the breeze. Harp notes dance around the scrappy acoustic guitar in a stripped-back musical soundscape, and Majken’s voice unfolds slowly over the scene. She makes her vocal mark subtly here, matching the music’s mood by keeping her voice reserved and gentle, with a ghostly and gripping refrain. It’s out now on Kollektivet, and a debut album is due later this year.

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