German neo-classic composer Martin Kohlstedt surely is one of the scene’s most adventurous and fascinating figures as he regularly manages to combine haunting compositions with lovely visual concepts. Strom is the name of his third full-length release following the two LP’s Tag (2012) and Nacht (2014). Based around the concept of electricity the new album sees Kohlstedt embracing the possibilities of electronic sounds way more than on its predecessors without having them depend too much on each other. Instead he uses the sounds and effects as a natural extension of his musical microcosm, it appears.

KSY, the song we’re exclusively debuting on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION today, is a perfect example for this. It starts slowly as the artist lets the piano react with the electronic elements before both parties can naturally conceive themselves as entangled elements in the ongoing dramaturgy of the track. According to Martin Kohlstedt the song is ‘the actual beginning of the album, following the long and misty intro of the song NAO.’

‘In ‘KSY’ the counterpart which appeared as surreal as an illusion or shadow in the beginning gets manifested and also threatening.’

Needles tonsay that this really is an exciting piece if music. Strom arrives on November 17 via the artist’s own inprint Edition Kohlstedt.