The success story of British band Ten Fé is one of those we enjoyed the most over the past years. Their first full-length Hit The Light was one of our favourite debut albums of 2017 and we have no doubt that the follow-up will write a great next chapter in that story. Future Perfect, Present Tense is the name of the album and after already giving us a few tracks from it over the past month NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is happy to exclusively debut another teaser in the form of Here Again.

It’s chilled and laid back, full of that thoughtful vibe we’ve come to love from the band. It feels like a much needed summer breeze during these cold winter days and according to Ten Fé that also has to do with the way the forthcoming full-length as recorded as they explain:

‘We recorded the album in Oslo, Norway, in the depths of winter. Just before we left for Oslo, we finished writing this song in London. As the days were growing shorter, and summer was turning to autumn, we locked ourselves away at home writing songs intensively. It was influenced by the dark pop of The Cure, and the directness of R.E.M. It’s wistful, but upbeat and playful, lamenting the passing of time, but embracing change and growing older, reinvigorated for the future and all that’s yet to come.’

It’s all in here – the nostalgic reflection, a warm musical hug and these laidback hooks that make the sound of the five-piece so tempting. Fleetwood Mac would’ve been quite jealous of this one in their heyday, don’t you think? Future Perfect, Present Tense arrives on March 8 via Some Kind Of Love/ PIAS, followed by an extended tour to which you’ll find the dates below this loveable tune.