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Bending and Breaking Time: Sinead O’Brien On Language and Her Debut LP

There is a certain aura of mystery surrounding Sinead O’Brien. The Irish singer and writer might best be described as an artist. She is not just a singer but a poet, not just a poet but a designer, not just a designer but a musician. O'Brien's debut "Time Bend and Break the Bower" veils itself in the cloak of her multi-layered artistry. We caught up with the artist to see what's underneath.
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Take Your Friend to Mannheim’s Maifeld Derby 2022

The Maifeld Derby is Back with its most interesting Line Up ever! This year the Maifeld Derby has gathered artists from all over the world and composed a versatile music mix for four days of festival fun. For those who would like to join us there, here is your opportunity to WIN 1x2 Tickets to the Festival.
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