NBHAP - Albums 2013Is it that time again? Yes, it is. Indeed. As the year 2013 is about to close its curtains us at NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION can’t help but looking back once again. And what joyful months must have been the ones of 2013 for all lovers of good music. It somehow looked like each and every artist released an album. Even the ones we didn’t expect, like BOWIE, MY BLOODY VALENTINE or MAZZY STAR. And while most people tend to talk about DAFT PUNK, ARCADE FIRE or at least KANYE WEST there was way more than meets the eye.

So, as last year we don’t like doing a specific list for our albums of the year. This might be a bit too much to ask. Instead of this familiar system we just let our writers do what they do best – presenting a few lines on the music that touched them most this year. From our hearts to your heads. That’s basically what this is about. Please enjoy our albums of 2013 right here.


CELESTE – “Animale(s)”

ROBERT: CELESTE has always been a special band to me. This year the French metal band finally released their new album Animale(s), which is not just an album – it’s a double album. To make the long story short: it blew me away, and still does. Definitely my album of the year.


FOALS – “Holy Fire”

NORMAN: With each longplayer FOALS manage to add a new aspect to their musical universe. Over the years the former math rockers moderated their constructed chaos and gave their music more and more substance and soul. Holy Fire is another proof of this progress. Wild, angry and furious on one side, sad and soulful on the other side. Yannis Philippakis sings the blues in perfection while grounding this longplayer with his bittersweet and yearning lyrics. Timeless

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KIKA: A modern incarnation of a 1960s dreampop band from Michigan, SATURDAY LOOKS GOOD TO ME is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Fred Thomas. He founded SLGTM in 1999 and seen the band go through various transitions. Their sound channels the BEACH BOYS with a modern, darker tarnish: beneath the perfectly pretty pop songs there are lyrics that are nostalgic, sad, and a bit suspicious. It’s like an introspective break up album written by impossibly happy person: very ying and yang.

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SAVAGES – “Silence Yourself”

CLAUDIA: It is the debut album of these four passionate musicians. And that is one reason, why I like this record. These women share a lot of passion with their songs. Every single song contains many of emotions, feelings and a lot of power. This album is so special for me, because I have the feeling to be part of a great thing that starts this year and goes on, hopefully, next year.

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SUN KIL MOON & THE ALBUM LEAF – “Perils From The Sea”

HENNING: Two masters of melancholy united in one project. The lazy, sleepy depth of Mark Kozelek’s words, paired with some of the sweetest tunes Jimmy Lavalle aka THE ALBUM LEAF has written in years. Highly recommended to fans of both artists as well as those who eagerly await the new THE POSTAL SERVICE album. Perils From The Sea is a beautiful, unpretentious and inspiring stream-of-consiousness which will haunt you for months.

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SIGUR RÓS – “Kveikur”

MIRIAM: My favourite album of the year 2013 is SIGUR RÓS stunning Kveikur. SIGUR RÓS‘ have always been making brilliant records and Kveikur just continues their magnificence seamlessly. Although the LP is much more heavier and darker than the Icelandic bands’ earlier masterpieces, they still manage to keep their unique and melancholic spirit. With every re-listening of Kveikur you’ll discover something new and fascinating- a characteristic which makes SIGUR RÓS‘ music so absorbing and inimitable.

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CHVRCHES – “The Bones Of What You Believe”

CHRISTIANE: I chose CHVRCHES‘ stunning debut album „The Bones of What You Believe“, because its sincere and natural spirit is something that I can feel in every key. Unlike many other indie pop bands, CHVRCHES don’t try to fulfill any of those hip and pretentious hipster clichés. This longplayer is one of the most blatantly genuine works of indie pop I’ve come across in a very long time. Especially these lines from Under The Tide had a great impact on me “But if you don’t care / Then why are we here … I’ll break down / But you will never see“” It feels like their lyrics pick me up at where I stand and take me where I need to be. CHVRCHES are simply more than just another hipster band.

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LOCAL NATIVES – “Hummingbird”

LISA: It’s personal, it’s touching, it’s unique with its harmonies and drums, it’s a rhythmical masterpiece, it’s incomparable, it’s my favourite album of 2013, it’s Hummingbird by the LOCAL NATIVES. I listened to it hundreds of times throughout the year and I am still not sick of it, I love every single song and connect it with different happenings and emotions, it’s even more stunning live and I just love starring to the ceiling while listening to it –a record that feels real.

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KING KRULE – “Six Feet Beneath The Moon”

KAYLEIGH: Six Feet Beneath the Moon is one of the only 2013 albums that I can play on repeat without skipping a song. Archy Marshall’s raw voice, barebones lyrics, and head-nodding rifts create a harmony that is hard to ignore. This debut album is resolute and distinct, and not too far from his ZOO KID days. Like Chet Baker was to jazz, KING KRULE is making alternative rock impossibly cool again.’

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KOKOMO – “Kokomo”

JULIA: KOKOMO has always been a special band for me. I’ve known most of the members for ages and am still very close to them, in several ways. But not only for those personal, emotional reasons, I chose their record to be my tune of the year, its also amazingly atmospheric. Surely it’s not re-inventing postrock, but it is a deep album full of emotions and memories.

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EDITORS – “The Weight Of Your Love”

AXEL: I must admit that I did not discover the EDITORS until their latest album. I don’t know why I came across it, but it was one of the albums, which went on heavy rotation in my home. That happens very rarely in the last years. Although many critics say this album is rather weak, I’m happy they delivered just a great rock record, in its best sense. This bunch of big songs is my album of 2013.

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