Forgotten Indie Hits of 2006

And suddenly it’s 2016. How time flies, right? Remember when it was just yesterday that those young lads from Sheffield, who gave themselves the ridiculous name ARCTIC MONKEYS, released their debut album. Well, suddenly it’s ten years later and in the haze of new trends we tend to forget about all those songs we used to love back then at the peak of the indie pop/rock wave. Songs by bands that might not be around anymore but definitely got a specific spot in our heart. Let us refresh your memories and fill your soul with nostalgia as we look back on a few of those almost forgotten indie gems of 2006 right here.

The Futureheads – ‘Skip To The End’

You might remember their joyful Kate Bush cover but these indie boys had far more to offer…

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – ‘The Skin of my Yellow Country Teeth’

Something never really sounded quite right in this track, especially the voice of Alec Ounsworth. But you loved that song exactly for that reason, right?

The Streets – ‘When You Wasn’t Famous’

Ten years ago, Mike Skinner suddenly became Britain’s coolest pop star which is the only excuse to write a song about the difficulties of dating celebrity women…

CSS – ‘Let’s Make Love And Listen To Death From Above’

Remember when you had a massive crush on singer Lovefoxxx and being so pissed when she ended up making love to one of the KLAXONS guys?

The Sunshine Underground – ‘Put You In Your Place’

For short while Nu Rave seemed to be the next big thing, except that it wasn’t and you barely remember any bands from that hype. But you’ll recognize this one in an instant, right?

We Are Scientists – ‘Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt’

Those funny guys are actually still active these days. They recently toured with ASH, taking the nostalgia tour concept to the indie sector.

Metronomy – ‘You Could Easily Have Me’

People tend to forget that these guys released an album before their big 2008 breakthrough ‘Nights Out’. Just as this song and its video it was wild, furious and truly insane.

Ben Kweller – ‘Penny On The Train Track’

For your own information: The fuzzy-head from Austin is still doing music, he recently sang backing vocals on the new FOO FIGHTERS EP.

Kashmir – ‘The Cynic (feat. David Bowie)’

This band from Denmark managed to get Ziggy Stardust himself to sing on this tune. We still don’t know how they were able to do this and they might also wonder to this day.

The All-American Rejects – ‘Move Along’

This might be the prototype of American college rock with radio appeal in the Mid-00s. A song that speaks to pretty much everyone between 13 and 30.

Morningwood – ‘Nth Degree’

Did you do the nth degree back then? It’s never too late, obviously.

Panic At The Disco – ‘I Write Sins Not Tragedies’

We were all EMO once this tune up showed up in our local disco. It took as a few years to realize that it’s just a god damn good pop song.

Sandi Thom – ‘I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker’

A cry for analogue help in the impending digital age. And that was even before Facebook, Tinder, WattsApp and all these things. Suddenly you wish it was 2006 again.

The Kooks – ‘Naive’

There was no escape from these indie cuties back in the summer of 2006. Every girl wanted to side on the sofa of singer Luke Pritchard. They are still active but were never as good as these guys.

The Rifles – ‘Repeated Offender’

Another case of a talented British band which unfortunately reached its artistic peak with their debut album. ‘No Love Lost’ is still one of the finest records from that age, kids. Discover it now!

The Long Blondes – ‘Once And Never Again’

‘You’re only nineteen, you don’t need a boyfriend’ – Kate Jackson could have become the leading lady of indie rock back then but the band split up back in 2008 unfortunately. They are missed.

Gossip – ‘Standing In The Way Of Control’

Remember when Beth Ditto and her band made sort of heavy rock music instead of radio pop?

Duels – ‘Brothers And Sisters’

According to the all-knowing Wikipedia these guys from Leeds are still active although they haven’t released an album since 2008. What? There as a second album following the 2006 debut? That’s exactly what we thought.

Peter, Bjorn And John – ‘Young Folks’

Apologies for bringing this one back to your ears. Yes, it will remain there for the rest of the day and maybe even longer. Just like back in 2006.

Morning Runner – ‘Burning Benches’

Those guys were destined to fill the gap that COLDPLAY left once they slowly went bubblegum. They had all the right anthems like this one but only lasted one album unfortunately.