Amazing Sweden

Sweden is amazing. In many ways. For example, did you know that one of the Nordic country’s favourite foodstuffs is heavily-processed meat and cheese blended together and served out of tubes? Now obviously this is disgusting behaviour and the kind of thing you’d really expect more from Americans but it’s still amazing in some weird, terrible way. But Swedes are amazing in other ways too, one of which being their immense musical talent. We at NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION have been bringing you some of the best new music from up north in collaboration with our friends at Nordic By Nature and STIM for a while now, and this month we’ve got a fresh batch of amazing tunes. We’ve got murky trip-hop from Stockholm sextet BRÖDET, ambience from TIGER LOU and chopped alt-pop from ADIAM


BRÖDETs single Mimesis is a long and layered slow-buring electronic dance track, beginning with lethargic grace before gradually blooming into life. Singer Stella Cartriers’ low-riding vocal juxtaposes sweetly against the synth flutters and rippling bass that makes up the musical backbone of the trick. Mimesis is taken from BRÖDET‘s debut EP Mammon, which we premièred last week


ADIAM put out her début album all the way back in 2009, which was aeons ago. It’s all been radio silence since then, but now she’s back with her new single Dark Lake. The track is a piece of warped electronic pop, with so packed with melody that at points during the track it feels like several are competing for attention all at once. Her comeback EP, also called Dark Lake, is out on October 23rd.

Tiger Lou - 2015 - Mathias Johansson

Photo by Mathias Johansson

TIGER LOU‘s new single California Hauling has a ghostly charm, the synth fuzz giving the opening third of the track a warm glow before the drums crack into life and revamp the tempo to transform the track into a peppy indie tune. Should really have been one for the summer, but sometimes songwriters and the weather schedule just don’t match up the way they ought to.