Atlantis - Seven Songs - NBHAPUtrecht-based post-rock band ATLANTIS likes to see things in a bigger way. The group around leader Gilson Heitinga prefers epic and heavy guitar riffs and complex structures over simplicity. That does not only make their music quite a listening experience but also attests various musical influences. For the ‘Seven Songs with…’-category of NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSIONATLANTIS mastermind Heitinga took the time to explore these influences. Or has he states it: “As a theme I just picked songs that hit me like a brick trough out my life.” So, get ready for this selection, right here.


01. DEPECHE MODE – “Enjoy The Silence”

I remember hearing the melody coming from the TV (I guess it was Top of the Pops as I was living in the Uk at the time) and it just hit me. And from that moment on I always had a special place for that band.


02. WU-TANG CLAN – “Bring Tha Ruckus”

One of those beats that stood the test of time, the way the snare changes, the different melodies in the background; just amazing. You just can not bounce your head to this song. Since the first time I heard this song hip-hop never left my life.


03. DEFTONES – “Root”

Come on, just listen to that riff… fucking amazing! The whole sound of that album (adrenaline) is so perfect for those songs. It’s nasty, but combined with that voice; just amazing and intense. And I love how DEFTONES remained true to them themselves. Still an amazing band.


04. NINE INCH NAILS – “Mr Self Destrcut”

This song opened my eyes in terms that the combination of electronic sounds can be just as harsh and intense as Metal music. So at that point I started to abuse my parents computer with all these, for that time, awesome sofware programs to make beats and harsh sounds… Sorry mom and dad :)


05. SWANS – “Sex, God, Sex”

One of the best bands out there, and they keep getting better! This song is so fucking intense that you just become one with the riff, the drums, Michael’s deep voice. The riff at the end is probably one of the best riffs in it’s genre… best song to have sex to, so intense


06. BURIAL – “Distant Lights”

I heard this song in a store,and this just blew my mind!!! I never heard such dark sound combined with these slow, but danceable beats. Those samples that sound like knives being sharpened.. Just gets me everytime.


07. BREACH – “Valid”

Those opening notes, the sound that sounds shitty at first but grows better and better with everytime you listen to it. Just goosebumps when the vocals come into the mix. This guys are definitely one of the biggest influences on modern metal. Love ’em