#1 What’s new?

Connan Mockasin’s new album Jassbusters has just been released. If you heaven’t heard his back catalogue yet, give yourself a chance and make a start with his newest one. Jassbusters comes as an eight-piece longplayer that serves as a soundtrack for Connan’s won feature full length film Bostyn ’n Dobsyn. It’s actually a choice for a beginning.

#2 Can he play?

Connan Mockasin is an excellent live musician, if you have the chance go see him live. If you can’t make it, convince yourself with one of the several live performances on YouTube. I recommend this one, filmed in New Zealand. And I also like to spoiler you already, yes that’s Mac DeMarco on egg shaker back there. One of Connan many features, as he also recorded an EP with Dev Hynes aka Blood Orange, got James Blake to be part of his very own Jassbusters and was also featured on MGMT’s latest LP, to name just a few.

Photo by Sam Kristofski

#3 Connan’s got the love

If Forever Dolphin Love, an otherworldly 10 minute declaration of love to Dolphins, London and probably LSD is either too melancholy for you or just a bit too weird, try The Man That Will Find You; another classic and timeless piece about relationship, love and loneliness. And don’t get creeped out that much.

#4 Where’s the meta message?

All that pop music is too trivial? Well there’s even a musicological essay about Connan’s work that should open your eyes about his genius. If you wanna be the smart ass at the next shit chat with your snobby music critic friends than check out Joanna Demers’ essay via the Zero Books channel. Deep thoughts on Mr. Mockasin’s music and style enhanced!

#5 There’s another Band in town.

Not convinced yet? Besides his work as a band leader Connan Mockasin released the 2016’s self titled feature album named Soft Hair together with Sam Dust (former Late of the Pier). Soft Hair’s album is nothing less than the most unique melange of Funk, Dream Pop and 70s soft rock you’ve ever heard. Imagine the early Prince, a glimpse of Metronomy and a bit of 10cc mixed with psychedelica, ambient and a lot of groove.