Best Coast - Fade Away  - Cover- 2013



1. This Lonely Morning
2. I Wanna Know
3. Who Have I Become
4. Fear of My Identity
5. Fade Away
6. Baby I’m Crying
7. I Don’t Know How


When surf-rock duo BEST COAST releases new music it’s basically like a good Californian wine. Well, actually we don’t know what characterizes good wine from that area. We were just looking for cheap metaphor to describe the sound of Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno. They represent the sunny US state better than most other bands around, their music is full of easy-going coolness and especially Cosentino is one hell of a charismatic lady. Cool, sexy, sweet, stylish and with that certain icon-like independent spirit. Oh, and she loves cats. Of course.

Fade Away is the latest EP – or ‘mini album’ like the band tend to call it – by BEST COAST. It follows last year’s sophomore record The Only Place and works as a gap-filling release before the two busy musicians will release their third full length longplayer in 2014. Playing and recording – that’s basically what BEST COAST do at the moment. Why wait when you can have it all immediately? A little bite of summer right at the start of winter time to remind us of the golden days. With these two you really know what you get. BEST COAST always sound the same and right from the moment The Lonely Morning opens the EP you return to the musical comfort zone of previous releases.

Well, you can really argue against that. Because Cosentino and Bruno avoid adding new facets to their familiar sound concept. As if time stood still. Maybe in the end that’s the concept. BEST COAST resist the wish for innovation by rather stay charming and stick to their familiar sound and spirit. And in the end this is basically something good. The feeling these two transport is so lovely and highly addictive that there’s just no point in refusing it. “Life is short and so am I. What does it matter anyway?” states Cosentino in Who Have I Become. Maybe that’s the point. Screw the innovation, grab a glass of wine and run to the nearest beach or anything similar satisfying.