NBHAP’s Beyond Borders playlist features musicians from different places singing in different languages that often go unheard by the mainstream discourse around music. Expanding your musical horizon is a thing we think is as important as it is joyful and we really love this playlist to be a gateway drug to new exciting music. The latest update sheds some light on the adventurous Brazilian R&B scene. From artists like Bia Ferreria (to whom we also spoke to earlier this year) to DUDA BEAT and Fabriccio, the list of talented musicians goes on and on. As traveling is currently something to only dream of, we have updated the Beyond Borders Playlist to take you with us to Brazil – at least aurally.

The freshly added Brazilian RnB gems include artists like Xênia França who experiments with everything from jazz to traditional music and R&B on her debut album Xenia and MAJUR’s breakthrough song Náufrago. Other featured artists are Mel Duarte in collaboration with DIA and Bia Ferreria on Faminta, the trip-hop-influenced duo 1LUM3 , Egoísta off DUDA BEAT’s record Sinto Muito, and many more.

Head over to Spotify to check out the other songs and have a look at the previous update featuring a look into the South African music scene by the duo dumama+kechou. We will continue to extend the cosmos of this playlist in 2021 and kindly invite you to follow it.