By The Lake Festival Crew

The founders of The Lake Radio – Efterklang, Kasper Vang and Jan Stricker
Credit: Malthe Ivarsson

Here at NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION we were very happy when we received this amazing playlist by our friends from By The Lake Festival. Last time, we explained to you why we were so enthusiastic about this festival which is taking place on the 6th and 7th of August in Berlin. The curators of the festival are no less than the members of the Danish art-pop three-pice EFTERKLANG together with their friends from The Lake Radio. This playlist is of course the occasion to discover what you’ll find over there. Rasmus from the crew explained us:
‘The mixtape features a track by each of the amazing 8 artists we have performing at this year’s By The Lake Festival. You can also find a couple of extra tracks that have been included because they are brilliant and favorites of The Lake Radio.’
And indeed, the playlist is diversified in the cultures represented. The red-line of it is to be a charming chill piece you’ll love to get asleep to within your hammock. It is a perfect piece for the soul and if you want more than that, we recomend you to get more informations here and to buy your tickets here. You wouldn’t want to miss acts such as the COLD SPECKS or LAID BACK ones.

BY THE LAKE 2016 mixtape by THE LAKE RADIO

01: Don’t Say No – Speed, Glue & Shinski
02: Nikali Talit – Mdou Moctar
03: Bakerman – Laid Back
04: melody in high feedback tones . Cavern of Anti-Matter
05: Mos Def – Selvhenter
06: Sororal Feelings – U.S. Girls
07: Sorry – Liss
08: Let Loose the Dogs – Cold Specks
09: Continental Drift – Rolling Stones ft. Master Musicians of Jajouka
10: Dragonfly – Baron
11: Luckiest Man – King Khan & The Shrines
12: Daniel Knox – Blue Car

By The Lake Festival