The backstage is probably the most-glorified space in the music business. Here’s where all the Rock’n’Roll is supposed to happen. But in fact, most backstages are rather boring and even more-or-less depressing, as the publication Backstage Tristesse by Sebastian Szary of Modeselektor proves. For our new and on-going series Caught Backstage we capture artists in their backstages with both analogue photos and 5 minute interviews on their touring life.

First in the series is Sasami Ashworth, who released her solo debut in March via Domino Records. The backstage belongs to Badehaus in Berlin.

What was your worst backstage experience ever?

Gosh, sometimes venues don’t even have backstages. Like there’s this place that we were just in in Santa Barbara, where there’s literally no backstage and there’s a heating lamp outside and it was raining. All we want is shelter and food, is that so much to ask for?

How would you rate the backstage today out of 10?

Maybe 6, because there’s no restroom for the artist which is one of the main things I’m looking for. You don’t want to take a shit in front of people that are gonna watch you play.

What would be your dream backstage like?

It would be an indoor beach, is that so much to ask?

If you could have one item on your dream rider, no matter the price?

GTS Kombucha, 3,50$ a bottle. You don’t have them here, I would need a private jet to ship them over.

All Photos by Louisa Zimmer for NBHAP