Coldplay - 2014

Unless you’ve been successfully relocating yourself under a stone you might have noticed that British superstar rockers COLDPLAY are about to release a new album soon. Ghost Stories is already the band’s sixth longplayer and it arrives on May 19. And things are looking good that this will be an album which might embrace the fans of the band’s more reduced work from their earlier days with their most recent mainstream-focussed material. Parachutes meets Paradise. Well, we’ll have to see how these two worlds will work together in the year 2014.

But one thing is fore sure – although being the globally most successful band of the past decade COLDPLAY have always been a quite discussable band. It’s really a bit of ‘either you love them or you hate them.’ Some of the band’s output might be discussable but you can’t deny the high level of diversification despite the use of returning elements. There’s something for everyone in the music of Chris Martin and his boys. And there’s an undeniable songwriting quality overall. And not just on the albums. Over the past fifteen years COLDPLAY released plenty of remarkable material in the form of b-sides and bonus tracks. Some it obviously better than many of their singles.

NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION takes a look back on the group’s most remarkable tracks besides the albums and hits. These eleven extra songs might even convince you to give COLDPLAY a second or even third chance.