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Curtis Harding - Soul Power

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Soul Power

Release-Date: 16.01.2014
Label: Anti- Records

01. Next Time
02. Castaway
03. Keep On Shining
04. Freedom
05. Surf
06. I Don’t Wanna Go Home
07. Beautiful People
08. The Drive
09. Heaven’s On The Other Side
10. Drive My Car
11. I Need A Friend
12. Cruel World


NBHAP Rating: 4,5/5


Singing in the streets
At last year’s Trans Musicales Festival CURTIS HARDING truly was one of the live highlights NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION experienced. With his solo debut album Soul Power, HARDING proofs he deserves his spot on the ‘hottest new acts’-list of this world. His mother is a Gospel singer and ever since he was a little boy, he sang in church and in the streets. The charismatic gentleman never felt like a front man; enter Soul Power where he convinces all of us, maybe even the most himself, that he has the power and talent to be in the spotlight. HARDING stays true to the roots and delivers a classic soul album that makes us all move to the rhythm and simply makes us feel good. But this album is so much more than a classic.

Leaving a footprint
CURTIS HARDING is not afraid to use his imagination as he experiments with his inspirations. There are plenty of influences on this album that remind us of the good old rock’n’roll days. He remains faithful to the very beginning of soul, shows simplicity and manages to bring the entire album, song by song, to a higher level. He opens up the genre with experimental rock influences and some R&B flavour. The instrumentation of Soul Power is spot on and diverse, just as we expect from a soul artist. The master of ceremony plays with heavy bass lines and melodic rhythms. It feels like the 70s never actually ended. HARDING‘s voice is charming, powerful and soul-stirring; in every sense of the word. There are moments when he reminds us of CURTIS MAYFIELD but he somehow found his own style as he succeeds in bringing soul into the 21st century.

Soul Power is a very natural album that reminds us just how beautiful good old-fashioned soul music can be. With a lot of attention to the details and a keen sense of experimentation HARDING brings a very expressionist version of his talent. An album that is suited to be listened to by many. He truly is a master of various talents; reuniting harmonic melodies, creating enchanting bass lines and combining various genres. The songs are multi-dimensional and each of them can stand on their own. A healthy combination of up-beat tempo songs and nostalgic sounds. The total package, Soul Power, is indeed a retro-soul album but at the same time a beautiful modern interpretation of it. It’s something real and you shouldn’t miss it.

With ‘Soul Power’, CURTIS HARDING brings nostalgia enchantingly back into our reality.