Cut Copy - Free Your Mind  - Cover- 2013


CUT COPY Free Your Mind

01. (Intro)
02. Free Your Mind
03. We Are Explorers
04. Let Me Show You Love
05. (into the desert)
06. Footsteps
07. In Memory Capsule
08. (above the city)
09. Dark Corners & Mountain Tops
10. Meet Me in a House of Love
11. Take Me Higher
12. (the waves)
13. Walking in the Sky
14. Mantra


It seems that a lot of artists are embracing an electronic sound these days, so its important to acknowledge those who were at the four front of this musical genre. CUT COPY is one such band and has been putting out quality electronic music for 12 years now. Their highly anticipated fourth album Free Your Mind is set to drop next week and exemplifies why fans have remained loyal to this band for over a decade.

Free Your Mind is a body of work in the truest sense because it was conceived as one cohesive unit. In an industry that would have us believe that the art of making an album is dead its refreshing to see a band put out one that coheres together thematically with such precision. Frontman Dan Whitford explains album’s overall theme by stating  “The concept of freedom is one that’s universally positive and timeless, and whatever each person’s version of that freedom is, it’s a good thing to be reminding people or even just ourselves to be ‘free.'”

The flow of the album is that of a movie in that it holds your action from beginning to end. Dan Whitford produced Free Your Mind and it got mixed by Dave Fridmann (TAME IMPALA, THE FLAMING LIPS, MGMT). Drawing from influence from THE KLF to NEW ORDER. Free Your Mind is a mix of acid house and the decadent sounds of the late 80s.

Free Your Mind as a none stop party feel.