Loma – ‘Black Willow’

Photo by Bryan C Parker

Now, this is a side-project I surely didn’t see coming, especially with such a breahtaking result. Well, although the featured participants already promised a certain amount of quality. Black Willow is the debut single by Loma, a new project by Jonathan Meiburg who you might know as lead singer of Shearwater. He is joined by Emily Cross and Dan Duszynski of Cross Record and judging from that first single this is going to be a lovely debut. Black Willow is a soulful piece of indie pop that also comes with a stunning music video from director Andrew McGlennon. There’s an ambitious notion I sense right here and I’m pretty sure the band’s self-titled debut album – which arrives February 16th via Sub Pop – is one to take a closer look at next spring. (Norman Fleischer)

Sorry – ‘Wished’

Photo by Dan Kendall

Sometimes, especially when I spend too much time inside my pitches inbox, it can seen like London is a city made up of nothing but guitar four-pieces. Happily, Sorry are a much more interesting proposition than most bands. Formerly known as Fish before running into that-name’s-already-taken legal troubles over it,  the rebranded Sorry (Asha Lorenz, Louis O’Bryen, Campbell Baum, Lincoln Barrett) are a group that know how to inspire unease, and their new single Wished doesn’t so much provoke a someone-walking-on-your-grave feeling as someone-playing-football-on-it feeling. Wished nips, tuck, snips and chips away at your sense of contentedness and leaves you in a fever-daze that’ll have you as dislocated from your humanity as the song’s subject. In other words, all the things smart sleaze-rock is supposed to do. They’re signed to Domino and it’s out physically on December 15th, backed with new song Lies. (Austin Maloney)

Line & Circle – ‘Man Uncouth’

As I get older I often find it harder to harder to stumble upon music that comes emotionally close to the sound that used to have a big impact in my early 20s. Los Angeles-based Line & Circle caught my attention because they actually manage to do that. So, if you like your indie rock true, old-fashioned, honest and – most importantly – really good in terms of quality, please give these guys and their single Man Uncouth a warm hug. The track is a beautiful piece of Smiths-reminiscenting sweetness. And if you want more name dropping: The music wax mixed with Jonathan Low (The National, The War On Drugs) at the studio of Aaron Dessner in New York. Line & Circle will drop their new EP Vicious Folly on December 1st and if you want to feel nostalgic as well but with the power of new music you should definitely have these guys on your radar. (Norman Fleischer)

Thunder Jackson – ‘Guilty Party’

Sometimes a little less PR buzz can have a more efficient result. A few weeks back I received a simple mail with the subject ‘WHO IS THUNDER JACKSON?’, only containing a link to the song you can stream above. Now, a bit later I am not actually wiser regarding the identity of the two Thunder Jackson gentlemen but that doesn’t make their debut single less exciting. Guilty Party (An no, it’s not a cover of this year’s track by The National) is a sparkling and soulful piece of funky pop that really works as an instant hit single. The nameless duo is based in Los Angeles (although 50 percent are from Oklahoma City and the other from Wales) and are currently working on more music which will hopefully lead to a more precise answer to the opening question soon. If they manage to keep up the quality I’m pretty sure we’ll all know who the actual fuck  Thunder Jackson are by the end of 2018. (Norman Fleischer)

Belle Game – ‘Spirit’

Oh Canada, you and your endless supply with great music, please never stop! Vancouver-based group Belle Game is another one that almost slipped under my radar which is a bit weird considering the fact that they got help from Davin Hamelin (of critically underrated 00s indie band The Stills) on their album. And not just him, Broken Social Scene heavyweight Kevin Drew was also involved in their latest album Fear/Nothing. Aside from that nerd fact the band’s latest single Spirit is a truly wonderful piece of dreampop. It also comes with a visually impressive music video that shows India’s last remaining female ‘Well of Death’ rider as she struggles with her work at a new carnival. Especially, singer Andrea Lo’s voice is the one that excites me here. And I also always enjoy a good story within a music video, so it’s safe to say that Spirit is a truly a great combination from start to end. (Norman Fleischer)

NBHAP’s Daily Tunes from November 2017

  • Schultz And Forever – ‘Backwards’
  • Thunder Jackson – ‘Guilty Party’
  • Sorry – ‘Wished’
  • The Orielles – ‘Let Your Dogtooth Grow’
  • Kraków Loves Adana – ‘American Boy’
  • Loma – ‘Black Willow’
  • Krief – ‘Ordinary Lies’
  • Pom Poko – ‘You’ll Be Fine’
  • Ruby Empress – ‘Kimono House’
  • CRIMER – ‘Hours’
  • Evelinn Troube – ‘Sunset Everytime’
  • ISLAND – ‘The Day I Die’
  • Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes – ‘Swim Deep’
  • Kedr Livanskiy – ‘Your Name’
  • Bryde – ‘Desire’
  • Have You Ever Seen The Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS? – ‘Sheep’
  • Exhibitionist – ‘Motionless’
  • Line & Circle – ‘Man Uncouth’
  • Shallou – ‘You And Me’
  • Belle Game – ‘Spirit’
  • Toledo – ‘On My Own’
  • Dream Wife – ‘Let’s Make Out’

Find all of those songs and plenty of other new music in the following playlist which – obviously – gets updated daily.