Only a few people make spontaneous dancing look so sensual and well choreographed asDeniz Çiçek, it appears. The Kraków Loves Adana leading lady already showed some pretty sweet dance moves in the duo’s previous music video for the catchy American Boy This time she also gets joined my her musical partner in crime, Robert Heitmann to get their grooves on together for their latest music video Rapture.

‘We had this idea about dancing in public places and wanted the video to underline the vibe of the song – losing yourself in the moment, in the music and forgetting everything around you. Being DYI to the core, this video is also another no-budget piece.’

And the band surely knows a thing or two about the DIY scene as Deniz recently also wrote a guest feaure on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION about her choice to live a life as an independent artist in these insecure times. The haunting Rapture is taken from the band’s forthcoming new LP Songs After The Blue which arrives only one year after the quite satisfying Call Yourself New (that made it to the top 20 of our ‘albums of the year’ list). As a side info Songs After The Blue will also be the band’s first LP to be released on cassette. The album arrives on April 6 via their own inprint Better Call Rob, the latest Kraków Loves Adana music video waits right here for you as an exclusive world premiere.