Darkness Falls - Nick Cave

Everybody got some favourite albums. Music that accompanied yourself through difficult times, records that acted like a friend when there was real one around. Whether it was the sound around the times of your first kiss or the starting point of your own attempts to take a deeper look into new musical territories. We all have this record somewhere in our hearts and private collections. In this category NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION lets the artist’s do the writing as they share their personal stories and feelings on their most loved record with us.

Today’s contributor to our little ‘My Favourite Record’ series is Josephine Philip, one half of Danish wave pop duo DARKNESS FALLS. Together with her musical partner Ina Lindgreen the band just released a really satisfying piece of goth pop with its second full-length Dance And Cry. If you love sinister synthesizer-driven melodies we can highly recommend this one. For her favourite album Philip proves that you don’t need a thirty-year old evergreen to conquer your heart. Sometimes it’s even enough to go back two years in time to find a true masterpiece of modern music. Especially when it comes from Mr. NICK CAVE himself, right?

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds – ‘Push The Sky Away’ (2013)

I have chosen NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS with the album Push the Sky Away. This album is not very old, it came out in 2013. I was introduced to it by my boy friend, who said that ‘you just have to listen to this’, he is very much into NICK CAVE‘s music. I had never really been a huge NICK CAVE fan, I have always liked his music and thought he was the coolest man on earth, but I just never really dog into it, before this album came.

First of all the album touched me deeply. The lyrics and the compositions are beautiful and the productions are in my opinion amazing. It is simple and sophisticated, yet mysterious and drawing. There was something very contemporary and modern about the productions which made the album look ahead instead of looking back. I think that is pretty admirable considering this being something like NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS’ 15th album. It’s an album I keep turning back to and also an album I always love to listen to. I also use it when I have to get inspired. It helps me get into the right mood, where I can focus.

I recently saw the movie 20.000 Days on Earth which is (kind of) documentary about NICK CAVE and specifically about the making of this album, and it even got more clear to me how amazing this album is. The movie is very recommendable, I loved it, it’s beautifully shot and great way to tell a story. Another thing I think is pretty amazing is that there is not one bad song on the album. It is really the kind of album you want to listen to from one end to the other. But if I have to choose one song from the album that I really like it is the opening track We Know Who UR.

I have seen NICK CAVE in concert  a couple of times before this album came. Mr. CAVE and the band has a raw energy on stage that not many can top. I have seen him and the band perform twice with this album, at The Northside Festival in Aarhus (Denmark) and in Copenhagen, and both times were fantastic. He has this mystery about him and as mentioned before this raw energy, which is hard not to get drawn to. If I could choose one person in the world that I would like to do a duet with it should be him.