THE NBHAP Friendsbook

MELT! FESTIVAL is known for its insanely good line-up and outrageous location. Known by many as ‘The City of Iron’, the setting boasts a handful of huge industrial machines, 120 meters in height, weighing up to 1980 tonnes, that tower above festival revellers as they dance to their favourite electronic and rock-pop acts. The festival itself hosts six stages and the site is surrounded by a beautiful lake. In the blistering heat (37 degrees!), the NBHAP staff may have melted a wee bit but our spirits were never dampened – we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! Just look at our recently released recap from this year’s event. And you know who else had some fun of their own? The participants of NBHAP’s Friendsbook!

After a roaring success at Immergut Festival back in May, we decided to take the Friendsbook along for the Melt! ride too. For our second installation, we cornered the likes of BALLET SCHOOL, BOMBAY BICYCLE CLUB, WILLIAM FITZSIMMONS and WHOMADEWHO and they’d let us in on some of their secrets, strange quirks and funniest tour moments.

Ballet School

Ballet School - Melt - Photo by Tobias Wallenstein

Photo by Tobias Wallenstein

Not only is BALLET SCHOOL‘s Rosie adorably crazy, she’s also really, really into Drake. Can you guess why?

Ballet School - Friendsbook - 1

Ballet School - Friendsbook - 2

Bombay Bicycle Club

Bombay Bicycle Club - Melt - Photo by Tobias Wallenstein

Photo by Tobias Wallenstein

What would BOMBAY BICYCLE CLUB want to call themselves if they started DJing? The Clintons. And naturally, they’d want them right there with them, partying along to their tunes. Now, where’s our invite?

BBC - Friendsbook - 1

BBC - Friendsbook - 2

William Fitzsimmons

William Fitzsimmons - Melt - Photo by Tobias Wallenstein

Photo by Tobias Wallenstein

WILLIAM FITZSIMMONS is one awesome man. Not only did he regularly swig back our ‘Berliner Luft’ booze, he also frequently spurted out words in German. Jawohl!

William Fitzsimmons - Friendsbook - 1

William Fitzsimmons - Friendsbook - 2


WhoMadeWho - Melt - Photo by Tobias Wallenstein

Photo by Tobias Wallenstein

How d’you get out of an awkward conversation to start playing drinking games with your friends? WHOMADEWHO are here to enlighten you.

WhoMadeWho - Friendsbook - 1

WhoMadeWho - Friendsbook - 2