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Gui Boratto - Abaporu Cover

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Release-Date: 29.09.2014
Label: Kompakt

01. Antropofagia
02. Joker
03. Please Don’t Take Me Home
04. Get the Party Started
05. Abaporu
06. 22
07. Take Control
08. Indigo
09. Manifesto
10. Wait for Me
11. Where I Belong
12. Too Late
13. Palin Dromo

NBHAP Rating: 3,5/5


Know your art

Interesting fact right at the beginning. The album itself as well as the artwork are inspired by a painting from early 20th century artist Tarsilo Do Amaral, called Abaporu. It’s actually one of the most important painting in Brazilian history. And just like with his music GUI BORATTO gave the traditional piece of art a contemporary spin.

Back to trademark

While it would be far too easy to say that GUI BORATTO mixes South American culture with Western European dance sounds, there’s actually no such thing. Most of the time he sticks to its own interpretation of club music. And while 2011’s longplayer III was a bit heavier and dark sounding, Abaporu marks a warm return to the producer’s trademark sounds.

From the club to the beach and beyond

One of the great aspects of GUI BORATTO records is that there is room for far more than just the usual club formula. Abaporu delivers a few 80s vibes (Joker), relaxed dance grooves (22, Please Don’t Take Me Home), a few more pop-sounding vocal pieces (Take Control, Wait For Me) and atmospheric ambient moments like the dark downbeat tune Manifesto. Euphoria and melancholia go quite often hand in hand on this record.

GUI BORATTO’S fourth full-length record ‘Abaporu’ marks a return to the producer’s trademark sound and former strength as he delivers delicate and melodic dance tunes.