Hannah Georgas - Seven Songs - Photo by Tristan Casey

Photo by Tristan Casey

After all the fantastic musical acts that Canada gave us in the past years it really looks like there’s no end in sight in terms of talented new artists. And from Vancouver to Montreal there’s already plenty of established acts we aren’t really aware of yet. HANNAH GEORGAS might be such an artist. The catchy wave pop of her new self-titled album is both – catchy and musically ambitious. Creating the electricity of old 80s heroes with a fresh taste and an organic apporach, it looks like this young woman is about the conquer the rest of the world as well.

Just before visiting this year’s Reeperbahn Festival the lovely redhead took the time to share some of her musical favourites with us. So, it’s time for NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION to step aside, Mrs. GEORGAS, please show us your seven songs.


1. JOHN MAUS – “Hey Moon”

My producer Graham Walsh introduced me JOHN MAUS while we were in the middle of making the record.  I fell in love with his music and his record called We Must Become the Pitiless Censor of Ourselves.  The production on that record is really unique and catchy.  I listen to it a whole lot.


2. FOALS – “Spanish Sahara”

Before Graham and I got together to record we gave each other a list of music that we were both into at that time. He told me to check out the record Total Life Forever by FOALS. I  love the electronic elements they use and I admire how they manage to keep everything sounding very organic and live.  Graham and I both wanted to achieve that with my album.



This song was one of the first tunes that got me hooked on HOLY FUCK.  I’m a big fan of their music and that was a huge factor as to why I wanted to work with Graham Walsh.


4. LCD SOUNDSYSTEM – “Someone Great”

I love how simple this song is and how extremely powerful it is. I’m always trying to achieve that in my writing. I’m very attracted to interesting, genuine and honest lyrics. This song makes me wanna cry and dance at the same time every time I hear it. James Murphy is someone who I look up to as a writer and producer.


5. ROBYN – “Dancing On My Own”

I LOVE the production on ROBYN‘s record Body Talk.  It’s like candy for your ears. I listened to it a lot while I was writing my record. I think she is a great songwriter and the production she coloured her songs with works so well.


6. SADE – Every Word

I’ve listened to SADE for years and always go back to her records for inspiration and reference. I especially love the production on this song. The treatment of her vocals is killer.

7. CHAD VAN GAALEN – “Red Hot Drops”

I’m a really big fan of CHAD VANGAALEN‘s songwriting and I always admire his production on all of his music. He’s someone who is very organic with his production style but incorporates amazing electronic sounds. He’s very innovative and original.