HONIG - Photo by Tim Ilskens

Photo by Tim Ilskens

Influences are sometimes more subtle and sometimes less. Especially in terms of the creation of music it’s always kind of interesting to see how other artists influence the direct creative process of a musician. Since crafted German singer/songwriter Stefan HONIG and his band are about to release their new album It’s Not A Hummingbird, It’s Your Father’s Ghost soon (August 22) NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION thought it might be a wise idea to take a closer look on the work that influenced the new album. And even if they might not had a direct impact on the sound of the album they clearly helped the band leader to set his focus straight for the recording process.

Here is a list of songs that I listen to during the writing and recording of the new HONIG record. Some of those songs had an impact on the way I wrote some of the new songs others are just good music that I like to listen to to remind me why I like music so much.


1. Typhoon – ‘Young Fathers’

This nurtured the idea of putting an extra spotlight on the backing vocals on some of the songs. I like the energy that TYPHOON create when they are on stage with 11 people and nearly everybody sings. I wanted some of that energy.


2. Anais Mitchell – ‘Young Man in America’

This record is something where I don’t have to worry about sounding anything like it. I don’t think it influenced me as much as it amazed me. I love the whole record and I listened to it for most of the first half of 2013.


3. Punch Brothers – ‘New York City’

I really like the sound of the banjo and I am glad that it ended up in a few of the new songs. I have no real idea of how to play it but when I write song ideas I often have a banjo playing along in my head. These guys here with Chris Thile on the mandoline are way out of pretty much everyone’s league though.


4. Phosphorescent – ‘Song for Zula’

We always played this song after we finished our shows on the last tour. I listened to it a lot and I really like the atmosphere. It might have influenced some of the moodier parts of the record.


5. Dad Rocks! – ‘Funemployment

We toured with DAD ROCKS! and TOWN OF SAINTS in December 2013 and each band brought 2 members. We formed a new six-piece band and played along on each others songs. It was a great tour and we had a lot of fun making all these new versions with everybody switching instruments all the time. Right after the tour we started recording the new record and it definitely had a big influence on how I went into the studio.


6. Father John Misty – ‘Everyman Needs a Companion’

Also a record we listened to a lot in 2013. Some friends of mine really know how to play those FATHER JOHN MISTY songs. We had some great nights making music with these other musicians we’ve toured with while preparing the new record. I think they influenced me the most on this album. By being really great at what they are doing and making me want to be as good as I can.


7. Sam Amidon – ‘Saro’

Just because I never make a list of favorite songs with this one not being included.