HUNDREDS - Aftermath 1. Aftermath 2. Circus 3. Ten Headed Beast 4. Seperate The Sea 5. Our Past 6. Foam Born 7. Interplenatary 8. Rabbits On The Roof 9. Down My Spine 10. Beehive 11. Please Rewind 12. Stones


01. Aftermath
02. Circus
03. Ten Headed Beast
04. Seperate The Sea
05. Our Past
06. Foam Born
07. Interplenatary
08. Rabbits On The Roof
09. Down My Spine
10. Beehive
11. Please Rewind
12. Stones



There are these special moments in life: You’re on the way back home from an incredible evening. You’re sitting outside, watching the sun going down. You’re sitting in a train, following the stunning landscape passing by. Barely no words can describe your feelings at these moments – but some music can. HUNDREDS‘ new album Aftermath is such music.

The German siblings found the perfect ingredients to create an outstanding sound for unique moments: mellow, room-filling sounds meet metaphorical lyrics. Poetic, sometimes even hymnic melodies with a certain gloomy undertone unified with Eva Milners clear, harmonious voice. The duo manages it again to create it’s own sounduniverse – like on the four years earlier released, self-titled debut record – only one step further. Aftermath is more elaborated, mature and detached than it’s predecessor – and more focused, as Eva Milner told us in our recent interview with her.

The album’s opening with the title-track Aftermath – the probably most significant track on the album. ‘It was obvious that the song would be the album’s title-track. And that it involves our new sound – everything which is new and that it also builds the bridge building between first and second album’, as Milner said about it. Featuring discreet electronic samples,restrained piano chords and an absorbing arc of suspense, the song is the leader to HUNDREDS new, advanced soundspectrum. It fades to the bright and pure single Circus which is accompanied by pleaseant clapping in the background – without any evidence of kitsch. Ten Headed Beast is one of the almost hymnic songs – imlying orchestral wind instruments and strings – but also no sign of exaggerated pathos. More experimental tones adopts Rabbits on The Roof: gloomy, mesmeric samples which evoke a permanent sound transition engross until the last seconds.

Aftermath is truly a total work of art. There’s never too much or too little of something – everything is coherent. It’s – as already mentioned – the perfect soundtrack for special moments in life.

With their second record ‘Aftermath’  HUNDREDS proof that they are still able to create inimitable melodies – melodies which could lead them to a significant future.

.NBHAP Rating: 4,5/5