To Kill a King

Our favorite up-and-coming band showcase is less than a week away. NBHAP is proud to partner and present TO KILL A KING, BEACON, and STILL PARADE at Berlin’s own Bii Nuu club, Wednesday, August 14th.  After a hiatus in July, let’s get back into this thing called the music scene and see where we can kill some brain cells and stimulate our eardrums. Or is it the other way around?  Whatever, this stimulating and killer line-up has everything from moody folk rock to electronic.

London-based TO KILL A KING will be promoting their upcoming awesomely named album Cannibals with Cutlery (due October).  Alternately earnest and sarcastic folk-rock, TO KILL A KING will bring you to tears with some stunning male harmonies and clever-but-sad lyrics.

Brooklyn duo BEACON layers ambient pop melodies with some R&B and mellow production that feels like a lazy day spent by the water watching the  ships come in.  The understated vocals supplement their chilled-out vibe.

STILL PARADE is a distilled folk band, staying purposefully mysterious and not releasing any band member names on their various pages.  We will let the quiet, ethereal jams speak for themselves, sort of a FLEET FOXES/BON IVER vibe. Remember, Introducing is show is a first-come, first-served guest list, so get them your email and get there early on Wednesday, August 14, and get in line for some rock.