kasper bjørke - remix crusades - album cover

KASPER BJØRKE – Remix Crusades (2007-2013)

Remixes of Kasper Bjørke (CD1)

01. Sunrise (with Jacob Bellens) (Slow Hands Remix)
02. Heaven (Nicolas Jaar Remix)
03. Doesn’t Matter feat. The Pierces (Trentemøller Remix)
04. Lose Yourself to Jenny (with Jacob Bellens) (Maxxi Soundsystem Remix)
05. Bohemian Soul (with Laid Back) (Still Going Remix)
06. Deep Is The Breath (with Jacob Bellens & Emma Acs) (Pillow Talk Remix Feat. Tone of Arc)
07. Go Away Song (Wareika’s Incandescence Resistance Remix)
08. Young Again (WhoMadeWho & Tomboy Remix)
09. Alcatraz (Kenton Slash Demon Remix)
10. Symptoms (Mano Le Tough Remix)
11. The Great Derangement (Catz’N Dogz & Pol On Skandal Remix)
12. Nico (Truffle Shuffle’s Double Dutch feat. Sexy Lazer)

Remixes by Kasper Bjørke (CD2)

01. Gluteus Maximus: Everlasting
02. Moby: Lie Down In Darkness
03. This Is Head: 0011
04. Michoacan: Disco Sucks So Good
05. App: All I Can Think About
06. Ilya Santana: Infamous Lovers
07. Trentemøller: Shades Of Marble
08. Nelson Can: Apple Pie
09. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.: Nothing But Our Love
10. Human Woman: Delusional
11. Darkness Falls: Hey!
12. Coss & Stiggsen: Huna
13. Golden Bug feat. Mau: One Way

6 years, 25 songs and artists and a collection of names that makes this one a must have: TRENTEMØLLER, GUSGUS, NICOLAS JAAR, MOBY, WHOMADEWHO just to name a few. What sounds like a best of sampler of electronic music, is actually the first remix collection of Danish house artist KASPER BJØRKE called Remix Crusades (2007-2013). He is not only a very busy remixer but also songwriter who seems to deliver perfect songs to be remixed. This double album splits in one half of KASPER BJØRKE’s tracks remixed by others and the second record with his own remixes of others. Too many good productions and according to the artist’s view in his recent interview with NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION it was about time to have them presented to a bigger audience.

Only having the theory that sounds like a loose collection throughout the years. But if you are familiar with his work, it’s no surprise that the Remix Crusades are a consistent album. It’s not always easy to spot if a particular song is „remixed by“ or „remix of“. But for enjoying this travel with housy, disco tunes, always touching the borders to great pop songs, the names become unimportant. Although remixes are a big tool to raise popularity of one or the other, KASPER BJØRKE seems not to think in those categories. It’s about the song, about the connection to the artist and about the same approach to music. He is very careful in picking artists to mix his tunes. But there is also another explanation, why this record is so homogeneous and appears like an album written in one piece rather than a collection. KASPER BJØRKE always adds some of his own creativity and flavor to the songs as he explains: „To me, remixing is about honoring the original composition by deconstructing it and adding new ideas from my own sound universe, and in that sense create something entirely new.“ Nothing to add here.

The vibe of the songs always reminds of the beginning of disco movement in a sense of soulful grooves and voices in warm sounds that let you no choice but to move at least your head – or your heart. The collection is a great example that remixes can make a song even better, because they strip it down to the core, the trademark baseline, groove or voice line.

It’s hard to pick single songs or highlights, as this easily goes as a whole playlist. Anyway, some tunes stick easy, as Loose yourself to Jenny in the MAXXI SOUNDSYSTEM Remix, which features the distinctive voice of JACOB BELLENS from Danish upcoming band I GOT YOU ON TAPE. NICOLAS JAAR also underlines his excellent reputation in the remix of Heaven, just to name a few. KASPER BJØRKE himself managed to deliver a surprising reinterpretation of MOBY’s Lie down in darkness and created a rather minimal but very compelling dance floor highlight with the remix of TRENTEMØLLER’s Shades of Marble.

If you like a club adventure with depth, bright and dark sides, you should not miss this collection. You can stream the record in its entirety right here: