Every good Hollywood blockbuster or book gets a sequel. It might take twenty years like in the Trainspotting example but be sure: if a formula works successfully you can be sure that it’ll be revisited for a second time at least. And since there are already a few examples in the world of music why not use that idea in combination with one of our most loved NBHAP Guestmixes of the past years? Yes, kids! It’s sequel time!

Following the mesmerizing and joyful first edition last winter, Swiss krautpop darlings KLAUS JOHANN GROBE are back with the second edition of their ‘Erotic House’ Mix series, entitled TRUE EROTIC HOUSE MIX (ZWEIT). It’s the ‘Empire Strikes Back’ of the mixtapes, girls and boys; packed with over one hour of retro-infected funky tunes, cosmic disco and odd gems from the past. The result once again proves to be quite sexy and grooving or as the two gentlemen phrase it:

Oh, it’s this time of the year again. It’s getting cold, finally cold enough to dance.
Erotic House helps you to achieve new and nifty dance moves.
«Einen Tanz gefällig?»
«Ja, bitteschön»
«Sie tanzen wirklich sehr gut.»
«Ja. Kommen Sie auch zum Grobe Konzert?»

Enough said. You can and also should catch KLAUS JOHANN GROBE on their upcoming tour behind this year’s satisfying second LP Spagat der Liebe. The dates also include a DJ-Set (of similar qualities as we can expect) at this year’s second Tutti Frutti Fest in Berlin, presented by NBHAP. It furthermore features performances by ODD COUPLE, FAI BABA and others. All information right here and tickets for all dates can be purchased by clicking here. But enough advertisement for now. Get your groove on in drei, zwei, eins …


01 Alex Cima – Primera
02 Klaus Schønning – Havmågen
03 Richard Schneider Jr. – Samba Trip
04 Simon Park – Coaster
05 Brian Bennett Band – Drum Odyssey
06 Cinema – Plastic Stars
07 Peter Moesser’s Music – High
08 Quartz – Chaos
09 Ganymed – Future World
10 Cloud One – Disco Juice
11 Charlie Mike Sierra – On the Moon
12 Bombers – Shake
13 Bamboo – Hey Hey Hey
14 Methusalem – Robotism
15 Montana – I love Music
16 Bonus