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Another One

NBHAP Rating: 4/5


[one_half last=”yes”]MAC DeMARCO
Another One

Release-Date: 07.08.2015
Label: Captured Tracks

01. The Way You’d Love Her
02. Another One
03. No Other Heart
04. Just To Put Me Down
05. A Heart Like Hers
06. I’ve Been Waiting For Her
07. Without Me
08. My House By The Water




Summer of Mac

Is it just me or is MAC DeMARCO a synonym for the Summer of 2015? Whenever I’ll have a conversation about music- whether it’s with a Londoner while waiting for a cancelled flight at Tegel, or on a chilly summer evening in Brooklyn- soon the name of the tooth-gapped boy will have up. Even though the most famous Far Rockaways resident sold out 4 major New Yorker venues everyone feels as if he knows and owns a certain part of him. No wonder, when he’ll do crazy stuff like revealing his home address or playing a 5$ secret show at a small venue in Williamsburg. At latter the artist proves that he’s the most known unknown rockstar of our time. When girls crush their way towards the front and half the crowd sings along to an 8-track EP released only a few days via stream, you wouldn’t think that you were seeing an alternative artist. But MAC DeMARCO does his best to live up to the hype with a grungy ‚I hate myself and I want to die’ NIRVANA tee and his infamous crowdsurfing during the last song ‚Still together’.

Another one?

Ignoring these boyband like circumstances revolving the show, an intimate venue like the 280 capacity strong ‘Baby’s All Right’ in Williamsburg seems like the right atmosphere for DeMARCO’s music. The band plays almost every track of the ‚EP whatever’ (in DeMARCO’s words) with well known tunes in between. As an outsider you wouldn’t notice that these are new songs. Not only because the crowd sings along, but also because the sound of the tracks from Another One fit perfectly into Mac’s musical Curriculum Vitae. His band knows what their strength is and and the slick instrumentation will still invite you into their weird but colorful lo-fi world.

No Other Goofer

Although there is an aspect of his music that has changed to the prior records. It’s MAC DeMARCO’s lyrics itself who have matured. His words make up unusual love songs about his beloved one moving on after a breakup. DeMARCO shows a vunerable side of him that stands in contrast to his goofy personality and the dreamy instrumentation. Lyrics like ‚Never believe in a heart like hers again’ or ‚Must be another one she loves’ are also opposing to the common girl-boy relationship shown in pop lyrics. To make things even more personal, DeMARCO reveals his home address in the instrumental track My House by the Water. So if you’re really determined to go on boarding the train to the Far Rockaways listen closely: ‚Stop on by. I’ll make you a cup of coffee’.

MAC DeMARCO’s EP Another One is instrumentally really another one of his smooth, dreamy and chill records. But if you listen closely you will find another, deeper side of the goofy Far Rockaways resident. And maybe a place to grab some coffee.