Editors - Live - Photo by Stuart Leech

EDITORS frontman Tom Smith at the band’s recent gig in London
(Photo by Stuart Leech)

A good remix does not automatically make a song better. We probably can all agree on this. But it helps giving it a new perspective, unfolding different aspects of a tune and mixing up contrary musical worlds. British wave rockers EDITORS have always been quite good in choosing the right remixers for their singles. During the past ten years the band around charismatic singer Tom Smith really understood how to combine rock energy with synthetic electronic. Whether it is in original form or via a good old-fashioned remix. The group just finished another tour leg for last year’s fourth album The Weight Of Your Love. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION talked with the band about this. Now, let’s take a closer look on past remix beauties of EDITORS‘ songs. Enjoy the eight finest remixes of the past ten years on the following pages. Eight reworks that you should not miss, no matter if you are a fan or not.

This article was originally published on March 26, 2014 and updated on April 29, 2016

‘Papillon’ (Tiesto Remix)

2009’s Papillon already surprised fans with its straight four-to-the-floor synthpop atmosphere. What better chance to ask the godfather of trance, TIESTO, for a rework? It was just too fitting – an accolade in terms of commercial acceptance. Hands up, rave on, we’ll find our own papillon!

‘Honesty’ (Dinnerdate Remix)

We’re not really sure if Munich-based produced DINNERDATE was officially asked by the band to rework last year’s Honesty. Probably not, but the band acknowledged it anyway by spreading this dark and atmospheric rework. The original was highly questionable, but this remix is true dark magic and shows the potential of DINNER DATE.

‘Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool’ (Magnus ‘Veggie’ Mix)

While the original already was quite a frantic piece of synthpop Belgian dance project MAGNUS turned it upside down and accelerated that whole thing even more. MAGNUS consists of DEUS member Tom Barman and produced CJ Bolland. Just in case you weren’t aware of this.

‘Blood’ (Alternative Version)

Well, to be fair. Technically seen, this is no remix in a traditional way. It’s basically EDITORS themselves who gave that song from their 2005 debut The Back Room a different spin. It sounds a bit dirtier and edgier than the original. We wouldn’t mind an ‘EDITORS remix EDITORS’ album in the future, indeed.

‘Sugar’ (Matthew Dear Remix)

This rework comes from MATTHEW DEAR. He transformed EDITORS‘ most recent single Sugar into a hypnotic piece of future pop by breaking down its entire structure and building something new out of its ashes. What a way.

‘An End Has A Start’ (Boom Bip Remix)

Back in 2007 American producer BOOM BIP got his hands on the title track of the band’s second album An End Has A Start. And he clearly didn’t disappoint. A joyful piece of synthpop is the result of that little experiment.

‘You Don’t Know Love’ (Boys Noize Classic Mix)

When you hire German rave expert BOYS NOIZE to rework one of your songs you totally get what you expect. Well, in case you expect a banging piece of acid-drunken techno. In 2009 he got his hands on You Don’t Know Love – and these seven minutes of hands up rave are still don’t miss their point now, five years later.

‘Ocean Of Night’ (Henri PFR Remix)

This is the freshest mix of the entire list, created for the band’s most recent single. And the house music vibe clearly is no surprise since the original piano line in Ocean Of Night is almost destined to end up in such a musical environment. And HENRI PFR’s rework truly doesn’t disappoint…