Mmm - Seven Songs - Heidi Furre

Photo by Heidi Furre

For a while now NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION takes a closer look on Norwegian synthpop duo MMM. Thanks to previous hit singles Dark Motion and Oh Drop Me there’s the word “potential” written all over these two women. And with new material dropping soon it looks like this might just be the beginning for Ida Eline Tangen and Johanne Isefiær McDougall. There’s more MMM madness coming soon. And we can’t help but saying “mmmmm” about this. For our ‘Seven Songs’ category we asked the two ladies to write a few lines about their favourite tracks. Here’s what they have to say.

01. DANNY BROWN – “25 Bucks (feat. PURITY RING)”

DANNY BROWN and PURITY RING is a perfect combination of hiphop and electronic music. This is one of our favorite tunes these days!

02. MØ – “XXX 88 (feat. Diplo)”

We loved since her first single. Here together with the super producer Diplo from another of our fav artists MAJOR LAZER.

03. THE SHANGRI-LAS – “Past, Present, Future”

Sometimes we wish we were teenagers in the 60s and could hang out with these cool girls!

04. SANDRA KOLSTAD – “The Well (We Will Change It All)”

SANDRA KOLSTAD is one of the coolest norwegian girls and she makes powerful electronic music. She has also made a remix of our tune Dark Motioncheck it out!

05. DAFT PUNK – “Within”

We can hear this song over and over again. The combination of classic piano, jazz drums and the electronic voice makes it really attractive to us.

06. DIANA ROSS – “Love Hangover”

This song never gets old! We just love how sexy it is in the beginning and how you just have to start dancing to it.

07. VERONICA MAGGIO – “Sergels Torg”

This swedish girl write fabulous lyrics that talks right from the heart.