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The Time Before The Crash: MØ On “Motordrome” And Regaining Her Voice

After a hiatus of a few years, the Danish singer Karen Marie Ørsted aka MØ stepped back into the recording studio and on stage. On her freshly released third LP "Motodrome" she reflects on dramatic experiences and low points but finds the sweet spot between sadness and hope. NBHAP author Dan Cromb caught up with the artist to find out more about the writing process of the record.
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28/01/22: MØ, Pinegrove, Anaïs Mitchell, EELS, Tara Nome Doyle

Every Friday music fans are faced with the same burning question: What to listen to from the sheer endless sea of new albums, EPs and other releases? Don't worry, the people of NBHAP are here to help you with that. Our very own release roundup gives you a quick overview on the music that matters the most this week.
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