Electronic Beats Festival

Telekom’s Electronic Beats Festival isn’t new at all. It’s been in Zagreb, Leipzig or Vienna. This year it’s back and bigger than ever. With five days and five nights  the festival takes place as a one-off event only in Cologne. Here’s five reasons why this years edition of the festival promises to be a very special one.

1. The highly diversified line up

Our first point on the list is – well – the most important one on the list: the actual line-up. Why would you visit any festival without a great line-up? We don’t know. Thankfully, the Electronic Beats Festival has already revealed a great bunch of artists. There’s for example big names such as , KERRI CHANDLER, TONY ALLEN, CHILLY GONZALES but also smaller and rather local DJs and bands such as CHRISTIAN LÖFFLER, MOHNA, WOMAN, GRIZZLY and MICHAEL MAYER. Why not explore big names in smaller venues and fresh names on bigger stages than usual?

MØ at NorthSide Festival -

MØ at NorthSide Festival back in 2014 (Photo by Daniela De Lorenzo)

2. The all-new concept

The Telekom Electronic Beats Festival used to be an event that tours through different cities – last year they already specialized on Eastern European cities, this time it’s up to one city. Five days and nights in Cologne, probably Germany’s most underrated city. And there’s not only music, but also food, technology, art and fashion. The full line-up and program is yet to be announced but it sounds as if Cologne’s Electronic Beats Festival is going to be one big fun fair for music and culture lovers. And even though the news on Cologne’s New Years Eve have already left the news, it’s seems like now is the right time to put some positive energy into the city once and for all.

3. The variety of interesting venues

The festival will be taking place all over Cologne. And there’s plenty much to explore in the venues itself – from the rather cozy Gloria in the city centre which used to be a theatre. Or the  Kulturkirche – an actual church in the Nippes neighborhood – which is only a footwalk away from beautiful park Flora and the Zoo. Or the alternative venue Jack In The Box in the trendy neighborhood Ehrenfeld where you can grab excellent Kebabs. There’s no way to explore Cologne better than by visiting the Electronic Beats Festival‘s very different venues and neighborhoods. And there’s even more music to discover if you’re still thirsty after visiting the various shows of the festival: Visit the record store of Cologne’s notorious electronic label Kompakt or revist the spots of our Cologne city special with COMA.

4. Getting enough sleep while remaining fresh

No, we aren’t getting old and rusty. But there’s something romantical about city festivals. Imagine everyone being not sleepless but well rested, freshly showered than sweaty. Yum. And who even knows how the weather is going to be like during the end of May? We hope that it’ll be nice while exploring Cologne during Telekom Electronic Beats Festival, but in Germany you’ll never know. At this festival, you even got an excuse to fall into your cozy bed (whether it’s actually yours or a nice Hotel one) without seeming posh or old-fashioned.

5. Kölsch

The last point on our list may seem silly or obvious  but Kölsch is probably the best beer in the whole of Germany. People usually drink the rather sweet tasting beer in very small glasses, so there’s even a good excuse to order more. And wouldn’t it be a great pun if they’d add Danish producer KÖLSCH to the line-up?

Here are all acts, dates and venues which have been announced so far:

19.05.2016 – Woman and MØ @ Gloria Theater
19.05.2016 – Grizzly and NOEMA @ Jack Who
20.05.2016 – Chilly Gonzales @ Kulturkirche
20.05.2016 – Kerri Chandler @ Gewölbe
21.05.2016 – Christian Löffler and Mohna @ Stadtgarten
22.05.2016 – Tony Allen @ Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld

Tickets for purchase are available here, during the whole festival there’ll be free entry to the venue Jack In The Box.

All info and updates in the Facebook Event.