NBHAP - Videos 2013Once again, 2013 proved to be a good year for music videos. From big and shiny visuals to smooth lo-fi material – a good idea could easily come alive as long as it perfectly fits to the idea and being of a musical piece. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is always happy to bring you the finest work in the field music videos. And this year we’ll make no exception.

The thirteen videos we can recommend you from this year cover up a big range – from artistically beautiful to incredibly funny. But they have one thing in common. They’ll make you sit down and press the ‘full screen’ button immediately. These might not be THE best clips of 2013, but they are the ones you should clearly not miss.


JON HOPKINS – “Open Eye Signal” (Dir: Aoife McArdle)

A lone some skateboarder, endless road and a hypnotic electronic score – what else is there to say?


BEACH HOUSE – “Forever Still” (Dir: Max Goldman)

With a duration of almost 30 minutes this short film really soaks you into the world of the dreampop duo and their finest moments from last years Bloom album.


HAIM – “The Wire” (Dir: Jonathan Lia)

Careful guys. Don’t get hooked up with the HAIM sisters or they will break your heart. Resulting in a quite funny experience for the audience.


WASHED OUT – “All I Know” (Dir: Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen)

Boys will be boys. Especially when they get their hearts broken by girls. As long as the result is such a heart warming road trip you don’t actually mind.


SANDRA KOLSTAD – “Run Away (Where Are We?)” (Dir: Yenni Lee)

Besides the ‘breasts’ and ‘blood’ factor KOLSTAD‘s video proves that you don’t need a big budget to create haunting visuals that perfectly match with the music.


YEAH YEAH YEAHS – “Sacrilege” (Dir: Megaforce)

The backwards playing music video for the lead single from this year’s Mosquito album provides an intensive story about sex, betrayal and arbitrary law.


CROOKED HANDS – “Under” (Dir: Kristian Young)

This clip might not even be quite spectacular and it’s not an entire ‘One shot’ video as it first implies. But the music of these newcomers is truly beautiful and helps to let the video come alive.


GESAFFELSTEIN – “Pursuit” (Dir: Fleur & Manu)

If pure techno was ever away GESAFFELSTEIN successfully brought it back this year. And with this great visualization the dynamics of this floorfiller come even more alive.


JAMES BLAKE – “Overgrown” (Dir: Nabil)

Nabil might be THE hottest music video director out there at the moment, constantly delivering ‘state of the art’ music videos. The haunting nightly setting of Overgrown is another proof of that.


MAJOR LAZER – “Bubble Butt” (Dir: Aaron Plat)

Basically every MAJOR LAZER music video could be listed here. Usually they are full of abstract humour, sexy people and ridiculous ideas. This video is a dedication to… well, booties. What else is there to say


IBERIA – “Everyday” (Dir: Rasmus Svensson)

It looks like found footage from the 90s. But it was actually taped outside a ‘Thunderdome’ event these days. A long forgotten subculture, falling of out time. Always hardcore!


MYKKI BLANCO – “The Initiation” (Dir: Ninian Doff)

Another proof why there’s no need of a big budget. Doff’s spooky images match perfectly with BLANCO‘s dark raps. Quite a little horror movie.


SPIRITUALIZED – “I Am What I Am” (Dir: AG Rojas)

SPIRITUALIZED‘s music videos always mark highlights. And this Rory Culkin-staring flick makes no exception. A white trash tragedy filmed in disturbingly beautiful images.